Soak in the Autumn atmosphere with our Seasonal Autumn Bundle! This bundle includes Palo Santo, Sage, Calendula Flowers, Desert Rose Selenite, Raw Green Calcite, Raw Orange Calcite, Tigers Eye, Red Jasper, and Raw Black Tourmaline. Cleanse your spaces with Sage and Palo Santo to welcome in the new season. Cozy up and relax with a few cups of Calendula Tea. Protect, ground, fill your space with positive energy, accept prosperity into your life and dispel stress with Raw Black Tourmaline, Desert Rose Selenite, Red Jasper, Tigers Eye, Orange Calcite and Green Calcite Crystals. 

Autumn Bundle

  • This bundle includes 1 Large Palo Santo Stick, 1 Sage Bundle, 1 Large Jar of Calendula Flowers, 1 Medium Desert Rose Selenite Crystal, 1 Medium Raw Green Calcite Crystal, 1 Medium Raw Orange Calcite Crystal, 1 Medium Tigers Eye Tumbled Crystal, 1 Medium Red Jasper Tumbled Crystal, and 1 Medium Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal. Always be extremely cautious when using a flame to light Sage or Palo Santo. Use ventilation. Keep a safe distance between what is burning and anything flamable. Always burn on an safe surface.