Our Handcrafted Crystal Bracelets are what started our crystal journey! We hand pick each crystal carefully with the intention that the final product will radiate incredible positive energy. Custom bracelet orders are highly encouraged, we want everyone to feel as beautifully unique as they can be! We have a wide range of colors, charms and crystal options for every creative idea. We are constantly expanding, please inquire about any colors, charms or crystals you'd like for a Handcrafted Crystal Bracelet created solely with your energy in mind! All sold bracelets or other duplicates can be recreated upon request. *This purchase requires contact with us to confirm the details of the bracelet. Please contact us if you have not prior to purchase.*

Custom Handcrafted Crystal Bracelet

  • These Handcrafted Crystal Bracelets are one size fits all, they are made of memory wire. To size a bracelet, squeeze the sides of the bracelet to bend the wire around your wrist, the shape of the bracelet will become ellipse shaped like your wrist after it is sized. The memory wire will remember the shape of your wrist, re-tighten when needed. We test each and every crystals strength upon creation and offer repairs on our handcrafted jewelry if anything breaks, contact us for further repair info.