Desert Rose Selenite is the stone of purity, clarity and prosperity. Keep this crystal on a bookshelf, nightstand or desk to soak in it's purifying energy. This crystal stands for learning new and better ways to think, act and be. If you need an uplifting boost this is the crystal for you!

Desert Rose Selenite

  • These Desert Rose Selenite Crystals are about 3" tall and 3-1/2" wide for the XX large size. About 2-1/2" tall and 2" wide for the extra large size and about 1-3/4" tall and 2-1/4" wide for the large size. The medium sized crystals are about 1-1/2" tall and 1-1/4" wide. The small sized crystals are about 1" tall and 1" wide. The extra small sized crystals are about 3/4" tall and 3/4" wide.