With these Dried Hibiscus Flowers, you can drink them in tea, cook with them, take a bath using them, crush them and burn them. Hibiscus Flowers are often used in tea, jams and jellies. You can simply use it as a "Happiness Jar", keeping it as is in the jar to look at, carry with you and smell when you need to remind yourself that you are loved. Hibiscus flowers are associated with the properties of love, passion, beauty and courage! These Hibiscus Flowers are gluten free, USDA approved organic and NON-GMO.

Large Jar of Dried Hibiscus Flowers

  • These Dried Hibiscus Flower Jars are about 3-1/4" tall and approximately 3/4" wide. They hold .68 fl oz (20ml) each. Burn in a fire safe container! Please keep in mind to use ventilation when burning herbs, simply open a window or two to let some of the smoke out so it does not overwhelm the room or any living creatures inside it. Always be very precocious when working with fire, keep flammable objects away from any flames or heavy smoke.