Palo Santo Sticks are to be burned like sage, although they do not need to be burning to smell their incredible aroma. They are said to welcome love, creativity and fortune into your life by enhancing clarity and concentration. This wood helps lighten energies, enhance positivity and the scent can reduce stress and anxiety!

Palo Santo Sticks

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  • These Palo Santo Sticks are 4" long and approximately 1/4" thick. To use for smoke cleansing purposes very carefully, in a safe place, burn the end of the stick until it flames. Once it catches fire let it burn for a few seconds and blow it out. If the stick is growing short please use precaution on how you light it, use metal tongs with heat resistance grips and place them on a safe surface after the Palo Santo is burning. Please keep in mind to use ventilation, simply open a window or two to let some of the smoke out so it does not overwhelm the room or any living creatures inside it. Always be very precocious when working with fire.