Agates have a strong earthy energy that will ground you to your inner self, give you strength and aid in the process of forgiving. This crystal is used to help relieve insomnia, balance emotions and it protects the soul in difficult life circumstances. Agates symbolize wealth, health and longevity associating with powerful positions. These crystals bring stability to the physical body and aura, strengthens concentration and aids in dispelling toxic emotions and actions. Stay true to yourself, find the will to restart or bring yourself closer to your spiritual side with Agates! In the zodiac, Agates are associated with Scorpios. 

Raw Agates

  • These Raw Agates are about 1-1/2" long and 1-1/4" wide for the XL size and are about 1-1/4" long and 1" wide for the large size. For the medium size they are about 1" long and about 1" wide. The small size they are about 1/2" long and about 3/4" wide and the XS size they are about 1/4" long and about 1/4" wide.